Opening for Senior Pastor

Our church with the help of our Pastor Search Committee is actively praying through and searching to fill the role of Senior Pastor as our current pastor is set to retire in April. If interested please see info below.

Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Kingsport, Tennessee (, is prayerfully seeking a full-time pastor to replace our current pastor, who is retiring in April 2024 after 19 years of service. We are a member of the Holston Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Convention. We are seeking a pastor who preaches from the Word, unifies all age groups in our church, and has a track record of leading church growth. Candidates for this position should have a degree from a Southern Baptist theological seminary and at least five years of pastoral experience. If you feel led, please send inquiries and resumes to

Job Description

The pastor is to preach and teach the Word of God and to guard the welfare and spirit of the church as he is led and directed by the Holy Spirit. The pastor is responsible to the church for providing administrative leadership for the church and for using his skills in proclamation and pastoral care in meeting the needs of persons in the church and community.

His duties and responsibilities include:

• Proclaim the gospel and lead the church in proclaiming the gospel to the church and community. Witness and seek to win the lost.
• Provide administrative leadership for the total church program and staff.
• Conduct the worship services, prepare and deliver sermons, and lead in observation of the two church ordinances.
• Care for persons and lead the church in caring for persons in the church and community. Visit sick and bereaved members.
• Serve as chairman of the Church Council.
• Supervise and counsel the other church staff members. Annually review, evaluate, and counsel with the professional staff concerning their performance and plans.
• Conduct counseling sessions; perform weddings and funerals.
• Conduct a weekly prayer and planning session with other staff members so as to plan and coordinate the various church ministries for the week (worship, prayer meetings, visitations, training, etc.).
• Serve as ex-officio member of all standing church committees.
• Guard zealously the pulpit and secure someone to fill the pulpit in his absence and for special occasions (revivals, etc.).
• Counsel with and assist in training deacons for their responsibilities.
• Cooperate with associational, state convention, and Southern Baptist Convention leaders in promoting mutual interest activities of the denomination and the church.
• Counsel, advise, and coordinate the conventions, conferences, seminars, and revivals for the church professional staff.

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